How Weight Training Can Help Players Throw the Bowling Ball Effectively From

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On the surface, bowling may seem to be a pretty basic sport.  People may think, you just throw a ball at some pins and the more you knock over the more points you get.  Simple right? The sport of bowling  is actually much more complex, it is a game of strategy and skill, and, like ...

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How to Choose the Perfect Performance Bowling Ball from

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The relationship between bowler and bowling ball is unique in sports. Unlike baseballs, basketballs, and footballs, various bowling balls are vastly different in how they are made. And unlike other balls, the bowler’s hand actually goes in the ball. So choosing the right bowling ball and having it drilled to fit the bowler properly can ...

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SmartBowler, the Only Online Pro Shop Network, Releases Infographic Titled “SmartBowler’s Tips for Choosing a Bowling Ball”

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SmartBowler, a pro shop network dedicated to providing bowlers at all levels the best in products, services and guidance to enhance enjoyment of the game, has published an infographic “SmartBowler’s Tips for Choosing a Bowling Ball.” The infographic outlines helpful tips for selecting the best bowling ball for an individual bowler. Bowling balls are continually undergoing technological ...

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Ask the Coach- Hookout

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Coach: I bowl in an early evening league.  My ball seems to lose striking power, even if I’m still in the pocket, sometime around the second game.  Lots of 9-counts on good hits.  Please help. Bob M. , Fenton, MO Dear Bob: There are different theories about the way lane oil patterns change, and those ...

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The Custer Effect, by Charley Wilson

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There you are, striking like crazy during warm-up. The grip is soft, the swing pure.  You’re perfectly balanced at release, and the ball finds the pocket like a homesick gopher.  Even the rare off hit scatters the pins, sending scouts flying at those corner pins. Then, just like at the Little Big Horn, the arrows ...

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