Debuts Its December Release Dates With Exciting Series of New Professional Bowling Balls

Posted On December 06, 2012 – In Press Releases With No comment is pleased to announce its lineup of professional bowling balls to be introduced throughout the month of December. All of these balls will be available through

Storm leads off with the follow-up ball to the highly successful IQ Tour- the IQ Tour Pearl. The IQ Tour Pearl features the same performance proven C3 Centripetal Core as the original. This high octane core provides consistent horsepower throughout the entire lane, engineered to yield ample mid-lane roll while smoothing out the transition. The 1500-grit polished R2S Pearl Coverstock. Really grips the lane just where it’s needed, the backend. Put it all together and you’ll be able to see the difference as this ball reads the mid-lane without over-responding to the friction at the end of the oil pattern. Then the real magic happens; it reads the backend with unparalleled consistency through the pocket. The traditionalists and new generation alike embraced the solid navy IQ Tour, so the Pearl is a gleaming all gold pearl color. It will be easy to spot during the ESPN televised World Series of Bowling. will introduce the IQ Tour Pearl at $142.95 undrilled.

Hammer is back to market in December with two balls. Starting with the Wrench, Hammer went back to the original M.P.A. (asymmetric) core, which was used in the Brick and the Ratchet, and wrapped it with the Grand Theft Reactive III coverstock, originally featured on the Taboo Jet Black. The attractive red/gold/purple combination ball is finished with 200 grit Abralon and Powerhouse Factory Finish polish. By adding the very responsive GTR III cover to the M.P.A. core system, Hammer has added a second polished asymmetric motion to the product line. The Wrench will fit neatly between the Taboo Jet Black and the less aggressive polished symmetric core options, such as the Arson Pearl.

The Arson Hybrid is Hammer’s second December introduction. It has the traditional Arson symmetric core with a new Max-Control Reactive coverstock, completing the Arson series lineup. By filling the gap between the Arson and the Arson Pearl, the Hybrid offers Hammer bowlers three distinct ball motions at a comfortable price. (The Arson Hybrid will be introduced by at $119.95 undrilled.) With a 3000 grit sanded finish, the Arson Hybrid is perfect on medium to medium-oily lane conditions. With a controlling coverstock, this ball is set up for tournament lane conditions, flatter oil patterns, and wet/dry lane patterns. The Arson Hybrid comes in a navy/turquoise/silver color.

All three of these great new balls will be available from immediately on their official release dates. is the only on-line store, which combines the convenience of the Internet with the professional service of experienced pro shop technicians; SmartBowler dealers can be depended on for service before and after the sale.

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