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A popular day out for many children is a trip to the bowling alley. While it can be an expensive day out, the cost will go up if you have to hire shoes for them. It may be the best option if the children will not be going to play very often, but for regulars it will be best to buy them a pair of their own kids bowling shoes.

Once you have decided that you are going to buy, it is worthwhile finding out how often they are going to be worn. It may be a false economy to buy the cheaper pairs if they wear out and need replacing on a regular basis. At the same time, some kids may not be keen on the game and can make you buy very expensive gear for nothing. As a parent, you must be sure of how the child thinks and feels about being a bowler.

If he or she has plans to train further, the child may require kids bowling shoes. Just focus on choosing the best pair of footwear that your little one could wear for sometime before the feet grows some more. Since kids’ feet keep on growing, you may want to buy a cheaper but best quality shoe pair. By the time his or her feet is bigger than the footwear itself, he or she will have had a good time wearing it.

There are two main types of kids bowling shoe and depending on your child, each one may have its advantages and disadvantages.

Athletic – This is like a normal training shoe but designed so that they are especially suitable for bowling. The main benefit they provide is the ability to slide. The special designed sole makes it easier for players to move with the ball as they are making the shot. They tend to be preferred for players who are just beginning to bowl, or for those where it is an occasional pastime rather than a well-practiced hobby. As children grow so quickly, choosing a less expensive shoe will be a sensible idea.

Performance – The performance shoe is favored by more experienced bowlers allowing them to perfect their technique. One style is designed to slide and which one will depend on which hand the child bowls with. The other will have a rubber sole meaning that they will not slide too far down the lane.

There is a wide choice of styles for the children to choose from. It is no longer the case that the only options were black or brown and other than that there was just one style. The size of the shoe is important and even though children grow so quickly and need shoes replacing, it will not be right to buy a pair that are too big with the idea that they will grow into them.

It can be dangerous to have kids bowling shoes that are too big as they could easily fall, and if the shoe is too small their feet will hurt as soon as they start playing. The materiel used can make a difference to the size chosen. A leather shoe will be a good fit as once the child has worn it for a few times their foot will slightly alter the shape of the kids bowling shoes. Man made fabrics will not give in this way so it is here that sizing should be carefully checked.

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