Why Has Non-Competitive Bowling Proved to Be So Popular?

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Why Has Non-Competitive Bowling Proved to Be So Popular?

Non-competitive bowling is one of the the most played sports in the United States because of the universal appeal it holds for people of all ages. Children are able to enjoy it at birthday parties and with friends growing up. As the years go by, those in their twilight years are still able to enjoy the sport because of its low impact nature and the indoor venue. The competitive scene is just as robust as other sports however the non- competitive side of bowling dwarfs the participation rate of other sports across the country.

Non-competitive bowling is a truly iconic pastime in America. It has been providing entertainment for decades for people of all ages, races, and athletic abilities. This is one of the things that has helped make it so popular compared to other indoor sports. Due to the individual nature of bowling you are able to fully customize your experience with the sport. Regardless of how well those around you do there is an objective way to measure whether you have improved since the last time that you played. There are few things more satisfying than counting up the frames at the end of a game and realizing that you have reached a new personal best. Whether you are racking up the strikes or merely seeing how many pins you can take down there is fun to be had in each new game.

Another reason that non-competitive bowling is so popular, is the invention of bumpers.  Bumpers allow young children to play the game without the need for a lot of technical skill, knowledge, or strength. They are able to enjoy the rewards of the game at their own pace which builds a love for the sport that lasts into adulthood. No matter whether or not they remain in good athletic condition they will be able to relive one of their fondest childhood memories with those they love. All of these things contribute to bowling as the most played sport in the United States.

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