Announces Top Ten Selling Performance Bowling Balls

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FInd the best high performance bowling products at smart

FInd the best high performance bowling products at smart

SmartBowler, an online pro shop network, has released a top ten list of the bestselling performance bowling balls for August of 2013. The list includes in highest to lowest: Storm Hy-Road Pearl, Storm IQ Tour Pearl, Storm Marvel-S, Roto Grip Totally Defiant, Roto Grip Wrecker, Ebonite Source, Roto Grip Deranged, DV8 Endless Nightmare, Storm IQ Tour and Roto Grip Rumble.

The original Hy-Road ball was introduced in 2008 and is the oldest ball still offered by the major bowling ball manufacturers. Storm finally introduced a pearl version in July 2013 and it immediately shot to the top of the selling chart, moving the IQ Tour Pearl down to the number two position.

Both Storm and Roto Grip brands placed four balls on the top ten selling list. Both brands are manufactured by Storm Products, Inc. in Brigham City, Utah. The USA leads the world in the production of performance bowling balls by a wide margin. features all Storm and Roto Grip performance balls on its e-commerce website, Both brands have helpful rating systems for their performance balls. Storm separates its top performance offerings into four product lines including: Premeir line (Sync and Lucid), Master line (IQ Tour, IQ Tour Pearl, Marvel-S), Thunder line (Hy-Road, Hy-Road Pearl, Crossroad, Reign of Power), Hot line (Frantic, Freak’n Frantic, Lights Out, Natural, Super Natural). The Roto Grip brand also has four high performance lines including HP4 (Totally Defiant, Defiant Soul), HP3 (Deranged, Disturbed), HP2 (Rumble, Wrecker, Shatter) and HP1 (Scream, Shout).

Technical information on the balls can be found at and on the brand websites- and All the balls are rated on the Ball Guide. The Storm Sync currently has the highest hook rating of all available balls.

Storm and Roto Grip products are popular with professional, league and leisure players. The products are industry leaders in technological advances. Also, the products are made in eye-catching colors and include interesting graphics that will make any bowler stand out in the crowd. Storm ball stand out even more as the each have unique fragrance additives.

About SmartBowler:
SmartBowler pro shops are dedicated to providing bowlers at all levels the best in products, services, and guidance to enhance their enjoyment of the game.

When it comes to products, SmartBowler pro shops can supply all the major brands at prices competitive with any online dealer. SmartBowler pro shops do not have hidden fees for shipping and handling and provide service after the sale to help bowlers maintain their equipment. Warranty service is generally free.

The main objective of a SmartBowler pro shop is to improve the bowler’s performance and thus the enjoyment of bowling. That’s the reason smart bowlers go to their SmartBowler pro shop to get the most value from their recreational dollar and time.

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