Gives Guidance on Choosing the Perfect Bowling Shoe

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Wearing bowling shoes with the perfect fit, slide, and traction is a key to maximize your performance. offers several tips for choosing the perfect bowling shoe.

For recreational bowlers, properly fitted bowling shoe can make a world of difference. Athletic styled bowling shoes feature the look, feel and responsiveness of a regular athletic shoe. Typically, this style of bowling shoe will have a sliding sole and both shoes, which is good choice for either left-handed or right-handed bowlers. If you bowl in a league once a week, the best shoe choice will be among the athletically styled bowling shoes. Owning your own shoes is a good investment, saving rental fees.

The next step up from a typical athletic style shoe is one specifically designed for a right-handed bowler, who slides on the left foot, or a left-handed bowler, who slides with the right foot. The sliding shoe has a sole which allows the bowler to slide freely during the ball delivery. The other shoe has a sole which grips the lane approach allowing for a strong push off and steady footwork through the delivery.

Performance bowling shoes have evolved to a high-tech level. These styles have soles (and sometimes heels) that can be quickly changed out to fit the needs of a specific bowling lane approach surface. While these models are quite a bit more expensive, they can be economical over the long run, as worn out soles can be economically replaced by the bowler.

Specifically choosing the correct performance bowling shoes will lead to the bowler’s performance improving overall.

Some styles of bowling shoes may feature padded linings and collars, which can provide a bowler with extra comfort. The added stability and extra support can go a long way in improving performance of a bowler. Choosing a bowling shoe with breathable uppers or made in natural leather is a good option also to prevent uncomfortable excess moisture.

SmartBowler dealers offer industry-leading bowling shoe brands such as Brunswick, Dexter and Etonic. To view the listing of all bowling shoe styles, please visit the website at and click either men’s or women’s shoes. recommends that bowlers visit a pro shop to be fitted for their first pair of shoes. Keep in mind that rental shoe sizes frequently do not translate to personal shoes. Even if consumers think that they know their proper shoe size, its best to double check before making an investment in a bowling shoe.

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