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On the surface, bowling may seem to be a pretty basic sport.  People may think, you just throw a ball at some pins and the more you knock over the more points you get.  Simple right? The sport of bowling  is actually much more complex, it is a game of strategy and skill, and, like any other sport, having top physical endurance is key to success.

Now it is not enough to just go to the gym and do some sit-ups, no, to get the most out of your work out you will need to target specific muscle groups through a series of weight training.  With a well-organized and specific workout routine during pre-season, in season, and post season, a bowler can take their game from armature to professional.

There are many tools on the market to help athletes get the most out of their workouts, but The Ultimate Guide to Weight Training for Bowling is one of the few tools, which target workouts specifically for bowlers.   This easy to use guide will help athletes map out a weight training schedule will target specific muscle groups used most in bowling, while working on abdominal strength and flexibility.

Targeted weight training can help a bowler in many ways.  By enhancing upper-body and core strength athletes are better able to get more speed being each roll, increasing ball to pin contact and ultimately improving accuracy and increasing the players overall score.

Weight training has other advantages besides increasing the bowlers’ game; it also helps the athlete to fight against fatigue during the most crucial moments.  When athletes perform often times there is much more to it then the actual activity they are doing.  High stakes and outside pressure cause surges of adrenaline can often times be fallowed by intense fatigue.  Since bowling is a sport where the athlete needs to perform at high levels over and over, avoiding fatigue is critical to a good game.  Weight training can help condition the body to perform under stress and helps the athlete avoid fatigue at game time.  This can also help the athlete to avoid in game injuries, which can be detrimental to their career as an athlete.

Whether you use weight training to enhance performance, or for full-body conditioning the benefits of a good workout routine should not be overlooked.    A professional bowling coach can also help in coming up with a specific training plan that will best benefit the player’s game.

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